General Instructions

ICAPS 2022 can be attended in three different ways:

  • Via (preferred): You can enter the ICAPS 2022 virtual conference space using this link:

    All events will be accessible from within the virtual space. Meet your fellows in the space and interact with other attendants in the virtual space! More instructions on how to use the space can be found here.

  • Joining Zoom meetings directly without

    Links for the main sessions, as well as workshops, tutorials, and DC are available here.

    In the Zoom sessions, you can ask questions directly to the presenters, preferably via audio/video, alternatively via text chat.

  • Watching live streams on this webpage.

    All technical and plenary sessions can be watched using these streams. However, no interaction will be possible with other attendants. Workshops, tutorials, and DC are not available via stream.


You will need a password to enter the space as well as the Zoom meetings and the online streams. This password has been sent to you via email. The same password is valid for all platforms that are being used.

Main conference sessions

The technical and plenary sessions will be held via Zoom. Links are available here.
The Zoom links are also available within the space, in the rooms "Track A" and "Track B". The sessions will be run by Slideslive, our external partner, and will be moderated by a session chair. Slideslive will stream the pre-recorded videos into the Zoom meeting so that everybody watches the talks together.

The preferred way of asking questions is by doing so directly via audio/video in Zoom, please use the "raise hand" feature of Zoom to ease the life of the session chair.

Note that all technical sessions and invited talks will be recorded and made available online after the conference.

For presenters

Please be available in both sessions your paper is presented in. After the video has been played, a Q&A session will take place. This will be moderated by a session chair. We ask you to briefly talk to the session chair in Zoom before the session, indicating that you are available.

Poster sessions will take place in the space in the poster area. Please be available at your poster in as many poster sessions as possible. Your poster will be displayed during both poster sessions on all days in which your paper will be presented in a main session.

For session chairs

A Slideslive technician will stream all talks into the Zoom meeting. After every talk, there will be 5min for Q&A which you should moderate. Please ask the technician to start playing the next video once the Q&A is over.

Poster / demo sessions

Posters and demos are only available in the space. Check here for instructions on how to use gather.


Workshops and tutorials will be held via Zoom and will further have rooms available in the space, e.g. for further discussions or poster sessions. Zoom links of all workshops and tutorials can be found here.

For further information, please check the page of the workshop or tutorial you want to attend.


Most of the DC will be held in the Marina Bay room in the space, the invited talk will be given in Zoom. Please see the DC page for further instructions.

Social Events

All social events will be held in the space. Here is the list of events that we will organize during the main conference.

In case you have any issues, please contact