Gather Town Instructions

The preferred way of attending the conference is our virtual conference center on the Gather platform.

ICAPS 2022 Gather Space

Everything is accessible from inside In particular, you can walk into sessions by entering one of the main track rooms, "Track A" and "Track B", just like you usually would. You will then be able to open the respective Zoom meeting by pressing "X" and following the instructions. The same is true for all other events, like workshops or tutorials. The web page accompanies this with overview information as well as details on specific events.

Workshops, Tutorials, and certain other events also have separate rooms in the space. Here is an assignment from event to room name:

Gather RoomWorkshop/TutorialOther Events
Marina Bay SandsPRL, XAIP, HSDIP, RDDPSDoctoral Consortium, Puzzle Game Team Challenge, Open Discussion
Gardens by the BayHPlan, SPARK, FinPlan, IntEx
Singapore FlyerDAPSPAC, KEPS, PlanRob
JewelAll tutorials

Gather Mini Map

The above minimap of the gather space indicates the areas in which the events will take place. The start point is in the top middle of the map. If you walk down a bit, there is the main track rooms A and B to your left, respectively right. Below that to the left are the rooms for workshops, tutorials, and the DC. Further below are the areas where poster booths, demos, and sponsors are displayed.

In the top left of the space is the access to the bar, where social sessions take place. In the top right is a beautiful garden. Right of the workshop rooms is a small café where you can take a break.


You will be prompted to enter a password to access the online streams. This password has been sent to you via email.

General Gather Town Support

General help on how to use gather can be found here.

Here is a short video tutorial of gather: