An ICAPS'22 Tutorial (co-run with IntEx Workshop)

(quarter day)

June 17, 2022


The CraftBots simulation aims to be a new benchmark and competition environment for integrated planning and execution. Using a planning system effectively in the control of an agent acting in real-time poses a variety of challenges in integrating phases of planning with execution of plans. Integrated systems are developed with a focus on particular challenges, and it has been typically difficult to test, benchmark, and compare these systems. To do so requires a benchmark that has transparent and well-defined rules, and can be adapted to exhibit the problem characteristics of interest.

Craftbots is an accessible (requiring only python3 and numpy) and adaptive benchmark simulation for integrated planning and execution. The simulation can be configured to present a wide variety of different scenarios and exhibit different problem features, such as temporal uncertainty, non-deterministic action outcomes, partial observability, and limited communications.

In this tutorial we will guide participants through hands-on coding exercises during which participants will learn how to configure the scenario, implement a simple agent, and integrate the agent with the simulation API.


Michael Cashmore

Liudvikas Nemiro