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June 21, Booth 9

June 23, Booth 5

On the Expressive Power of Planning Formalisms in Conjunction with LTL

Songtuan Lin and Pascal Bercher

Abstract: Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) has been widely employed in various planning formalisms, e.g., in the STRIPS formalism, in order to specify constraints over state trajectories in a planning problem. In this paper, we investigate the expressive power of two planning formalisms in conjunction with LTL that are most commonly seen in non-hierarchical planning and hierarchical planning respectively, namely the STRIPS formalism and the Hierarchical Task Network (HTN) formalism. We do so by interpreting the set of all solutions to a planning problem as a formal language and comparing it with other formal ones, e.g., star-free languages. Our results provide an in-depth insight into the theoretical properties of the investigated planning formalisms and henceforth explore the common structure shared by solutions to planning problems in certain planning formalisms.

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