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June 22, Booth 49

June 24, Booth 32

Optimisation of Annual Planned Rail Maintenance

Menno Oudshoorn, Timo Koppenberg and Neil Yorke-Smith

Abstract: Research on preventative rail maintenance to date majors on small or artificial problem instances, not applicable to real-world use cases. This article tackles large, real-world rail maintenance scheduling problems. Maintenance costs and availability of the infrastructure need to be optimized, while adhering to a set of complex constraints. We develop and compare three generic approaches: an evolution strategy, a greedy meta-heuristic, and a hybrid of the two. As a case study, we schedule major preventive maintenance of a full year in the complete rail infrastructure of the Netherlands, one of the busiest rail networks of Europe. Empirical results on two real-world datasets show the hybrid approach delivers high-quality schedules.

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